Chemical Exposure

If you have been diagnosed with esophageal or bladder cancer it could be that it was caused by exposure to chemicals at your place of work. There is evidence that esophageal and bladder cancer can be caused by coming into contact with cleaning solvents, dye, paint, leather processing material, and medal processing solutions. Workers at high risk for developing esophageal of bladder cancer are:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Dry cleaning workers
  3. Machinists and machine setters
  4. Hair dressers and salon workers
  5. Leather workers
  6. Rubber workers
  7. Locksmiths
  8. Painters

Chemicals that cause esophageal and bladder cancer are found in many commonly products. Perchloroethylene (perch) has been used for many years as an agent in dry cleaning. It can also be found in cleaning solvents used by automobile, motorcycle and truck mechanics.

Other chemicals such as Aniline dyes, Benzidine and Nitrosamines are believed to cause esophageal and bladder cancer.

So if you know anyone who has been diagnosed with esophageal or bladder cancer, please be in contact with me at 973-328-0008.